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I am an inspiered rookie writer. I am a person who tends to love everything and anything except for spider....biggest fear😨😨😨 Brought up in a beautiful island in the pacific and a big fan of anime, korean drama, taiwanese, chinese, japanese and kpop. I love writing and maybe one day I'll be able to publish some of my books.



Vromance is a South Korean boy band formed by Rainbow Bridge World in 2016. I really like this group, like totally in love with their music SHE.

It’s fresh and funky it reminds me of the early 2000s, sometimes I would break the replay button on my phone, SHE is my favourite from their albulm.

Other than fan girling over the beautiful medolic voices of these Oppa’s I’m either sleeping or eating.😂😂

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Black Pink.

Black Pink is a South Korean-Thai group. They’re very talented, it’s their music that will decide if they’re good or great. Listening to some of their music right now gives me chills, I recommend listening to some of their songs, it’s  different and makes you wanna dance when no ones watching. Boombayah is kinda my favourite right now, it’s catchy and very upbeat. They’re so beautiful look at these Unni’s.😍😍

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Jisoo (Singer)


Jennie (Singer)


Rosè (Singer)


Lisa (Singer)